Remove Screens Completely or Rescreen

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If you just moved in a new fully furnished, secondhand home in Tallahassee and thought everything looks great! Except the window screens look dirty and some are even broken and damaged. You’re contemplating with what to do with them. whether you remove your screens completely, keep it as it is and just vacuum it clean or have them replaced. Before you make that decision let me tell you that effective screens have a lot of benefits. 

Remember that screens play a very vital role in every household. The benefits of having effective screens in your home include wellmaintained temperature and improved airflow, pest control, lighting control, energy sustainability, household increase in monetary market value due to visual appeal and convenience lastly, improved security.  


Let’s take a closer look at these benefits: 

  1. Maintained Temperature and Improved Air Flow 

When window screens are effective and functioning properly, air circulation in your house would be at the right amount that it provides refreshing ventilation. Proper circulation of air inside the household helps eliminate bacteria and odor being trapped inside the house. Broken screens can affect the circulation, can cause a draft or even allow dust particles to penetrate your house.  

      2. Pest Control 

The best part about window screens is that it keeps the bugs and insects out even though the windows are wide open. Screens are well constructed with a mesh woven in a grid pattern, with small enough spaces to let the air pass but not the pests. Keeping the pests out would be ineffective if the screens are broken 

     3. Lighting Control 

There are many types of window screens. There are different levels of light control like choosing a screen the reflects less lighting on the living room for you to watch your tv with no glare from the sun or choosing a totally dark screen for your room, you can also opt for screens that let in more light In the kitchen. Selecting the screens that are suited to your needs in every room is something to think about if you decide to have your place rescreened. 

     4. Energy Sustainability 

Screens with a solar feature help protect you from gathering heat in the household. If the temperature is reduced within the house, the use of air conditioners and fans can be minimized and can save you money from your electricity bill. 

     5. Increase in Monetary Value 

Screens are an enhancing element to a household, thus, increases its market value. It can also add appeal to the overall design of your home. 

     6. Improved Security 

This is an extra, not necessarily thought of at first benefit but is actually very important. Screens are coated steel and it’s not easy to cut through them with normal sharp objects. You will need a sharp wire cutter to mince through it. 


Whether you’ve decided to remove, repair or rescreen, since you just moved in, call a professional for help. Rescreening Tallahassee services offers these and other screen services readily available. Visit their website to find out more about their services.  

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